Katniss Everdeen costumes

Become your favorite heroine, Katniss! Here you will find a list of her costumes from the movie and books.


Pre Reaping


Bowhunger games costumes katniss bow

If there is one object that personifies Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, it is her bow. She is a skilled archer, learning from her father, in fact the first bow she had was made by her father and she took up one of his larger bows later in life. Due to the scarcity of modern materials in the Districts, Katniss’ bows are made from wood.

Looking like a longbow, these hunting bows are light but powerful, easily able to take out game and other wildlife… and people. The skill however is a different matter and it is what sets Katniss apart from the other Tributes, who didn’t have the chance, or take the risk, to use a bow.

If you want a Katniss costume, it will not be complete without a replica bow.

(Note: real arrows are dangerous and can seriously maim, injure or kill, and should not be used without supervision or experience.)

hunger games costumes katniss boots pre reapingBoots

Some tall knee high laced boots they would be perfect.

These are in fact the type of boots worn in the movie, Frye women’s lace boot, in brown.






Whilst training for the Hunger Games, the tributes were given a set of training clothes, these clothes have a unique style to them not can’t be easily reproduced unless you are good with a sewing needle or know someone who is.

Currently though, you can at least get the training shirt replica from various suppliers, though you will still have to make the leggings yourself, or perhaps just use plain black leggings.

The boots for this outfit are so similar to the training boots you can use the same pair with both outfits!



The Arena



After the reaping, Katniss had to leave her bow behind in the District and ended up with a silvery metallic style bow that the Capitol supplied, but you should be able to get away with a standard wooden bow.

(Note: real arrows are dangerous and can seriously maim, injure or kill, and should not be used without supervision or experience.)

When in the Games, Katniss’ clothes are very simple, having been provided for her by the Capitol. The makes makes finding costume for that party, halloween or LARP that much easier!

Jackethunger games katniss jacket

“A hooded black jacket” is what the book says Katniss wears in the arena, and this can be any lightweight jackets that have a thin feel to them. There are also movie replicas available from different outlets.


“A light green blouse”, though in the movie it is much darker almost black in color. You should be able to pick up on of these from any clothes store.


“Sturdy brown belt” should be easy to obtain you may already have one, or you can pick one up relatively cheaply.


“Simple tawny pants” are straight forward cargo pants in a light brown or tan color

hunger games costumes capitol socksSocks

“Skintight socks”, any light grey knee high socks are ideal though if you want to go all the way you can get Capitol branded socks, for that extra bit of realism.

Bootshunger games costumes katniss training arena boots

“The boots… soft leather not unlike my ones at home”. Hiking boots can do in a pinch, although these boots by Jennifer Tanker are the ones used in the movie.


The Mockingjay pin, the symbol of Katniss and revolution, was Katniss Everdeens tribute token in the Games and was given to her by her friend Madge Undersee, right before Katniss entered the games. It was originally Madge’s aunt Maysilee Donners, who died in the 50th Hunger Games.

Making one of these is possible but not too easy to do especially if you are not very arty, however there are a few companies that offer reasonably priced replicas.

hunger games costumes backpackBackpack

Whereas the original backpack was a bright orange the movie has toned it down slightly, though still keeping some orange on it, so ideally you are looking for an orange backpack or a black and orange backpack.

Reward Bags

To go along with your recreation of the Hunger Games, you can even get one of the reward bags that supporters send into the arena. A gray draw cord bag and some creative stitch work can net you one of these, or you can simply pick up one of the replicas.hunger games tribute bag 12







Victory Tour



Catching Fire


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